The Relief Projects - Images

Relief Projects: Dundurn, Saskatchewan, 1933.

Library and Archives Canada, in Ottawa, is the depository of the majority of the historical records from the Relief Projects program, including more than eighteen thousand negatives and fifteen thousand prints.

The camps’ administrators were given instructions to document life in the camps.

They were required to send six to eight photos every month to the National Defence Headquarters.

The images had to illustrate:

a) housing conditions
b) type of work in progress
c) type of personnel employed
d) sports activities

Unemployed Men arriving in the Relief Camp. Relief Projects: Trenton, Ontario, 1933.
Intermediate Landing Fields. Relief Projects: Hope, British Columbia, 1935.
"Men should not be lined up, neither should any particular group be specially selected. The photograph should show the men engaged in their normal routine: work, meals, and recreation."
National Defence Headquaters
Memorandum, March 29, 1933.
Construction of revetment. Relief Projects: Cranbrook, British Columbia, 1933.
Relief Projects, Kingston, Ontario, 1933.
Kitchen Staff. Relief Projects: Kitchener, 1934.
Relief Projects: Megantic, Québec, 1934.
Recreational Activities. Relief Projects: Esquimalt, British Columbia, 1933.
Senior Hockey League Cup won in 1934 by Project No. 16 Hockey Team. Relief Projects: Sioux Lookout, Ontario, 1934.
Men returning to project from work. Relief Projects: Whitemouth, Manitoba, 1935.


All Images: Library and Archives Canada

RP prefix [Relief projects] Sub-series (MIKAN no. 4518505).

The RP series documents the Unemployment Relief Scheme (1932-36).

Extent: 33,560 photographs.